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Payment Options

We do not charge for delivery unless you are requesting same day service, after-hour or outcalls. See our delivery policy page for details. Please note that all options require a credit application, with the exception of cash on demand.

Keep-fill Program

Take the worry out of checking your tank! We monitor your tank level and keep it full all year round. You also receive a discount if the bill is paid within five days of the scheduled delivery date.

Budget Program

Tired of trying to budget for your heating bill? Divide your average heating usage it into twelve even monthly payments with our budget program. It runs the 1st of April thru the end of March each year.


You have to opportunity to buy propane at a discounted price during the summer and have it delivered later that heating season. Details and pricing are mailed to customers each summer. *Please note that pre-buy is not available for 120 gallon tanks.

Summer Fill

Top off your tank at our deeply-discounted summer fill rate. It is available to customers one time each summer. Information is mailed out to customers.

Cash on Demand

A customer pays either before or at the time of delivery.

Total Care Program

Do you own a seasonal property? We ensure your home remains heated while you're away. Customers who do not qualify for keep-fill can be put on this program. If your tank is above 50% at the time of delivery, you will be charged a $40 delivery charge, if not, then you are just charged for the cost of fuel.


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