What's in a name?

Sinclair relentlessly pursues a safe, reliable, environmentally responsible, and profitable operations, ensuring a sustainable future for owners and employees and the communities where they operate.

dinocare fuel

We offer Sinclair's top-tier Dinocare gasoline in E87 and Premium Non-Oxygenated Fuel 91. Dinocare is cleaner and more fuel efficient than other brands.


We also offer Premium Diesel #1, #2 and a 50/50 Blend of both #1 and #2.

sinclair cards

Choosing the Sinclair family is not only good for your motors, but good for your pocketbook as well.


At All in All, with the Sinclair Green Card the price on the pump will "roll back" 10 cents before you even start filling your vehicle!


Save 10 cents and enjoy contactless payment when you add the FREE DINOPAY® App to your phone!

Sinclair DinoPay

Save 20 cents off every gallon when you use the Green Card  + DINOPAY!